The 2015 Earthquake: Where it all began

Wow, what a day. The 25th April 2015 is one we will never forget.

It was a Saturday, the only day of the week that children are not in school in Nepal, and the earthquake happened just before noon.

Both of these facts are seen as a blessing; had the earthquake happened on any other day, school children would have been much more likely to be injured as schools suffered extensive damage. And also, if it had happened at night then many more people would have been inside their homes, unable to escape the destruction.

So despite it being a disaster, Nepalese people are able to see the fortune in it and feel gratitude that it happened when it did.

The earthquake itself lasted two and a half minutes, which of course feels much longer. But it’s the subsequent aftershocks that lasted for the next year that were even more terrifying and presented challenges to everyones lives as the reconstruction mission began.

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